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Sister Moon! Wonderful working with you!

I finally got to realise a big dream of mine last week; to work with my very talanted sister, dance artist Romany Dear. It was truly wonderful to have time to play in the studio with you and have space to work on this project toegther. She was mainly helping me with the more physical elemnts of the work and also with my new toy...a vocal loop pedal! Woop!

Trying out different ways of playing with the microphone and loop pedal with the body...

Some wall explorations...

And some floor adventures! Alas I'm not quite as flexible as the wonderful Romany Dear!

A good old shake down and warm up dance with ourselves to start the next day off well!

Playing with ritual, wood, sticks and creating sacred and safe, self protecting spaces....

The healing process is many circles and many spirals, it is not made up of straight lines...

One of my Clown Selves playing with how to paint on the 'appropriate' off to work outfit..!

I am struck over and over again in the project and as I create this work, just how vital it is to find spaces to play, be spontaneous and allow things to unfold without my judgement.

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