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Ten Women


Written and Directed by Bethan Dear



Laura Cairns, Peta Cornish, Harriet Creelman, Felicity Davidson, Pooja Ghai, Akiya Henry, Georgie Jones, Sammy Kissin, Endy McKay, Indra Ové, Anneika Rose and Abi Unwin-Smith. 

Society is increasingly consumer driven, media controlled, materialistic and image obsessed. We are constantly bombarded by unrealistic, false and unobtainable images of women. The image of a hyper-sexualised, grossly exaggerated, objectified woman’s body is used to sell pretty much anything. We see it everywhere, all the time. It has become completely normal and incredibly powerful. 

What if this view of women is trapping us? What if the way women are portrayed, what we are associated with and how we are told we should look, is feeding a culture of critique and self-hatred? What if it’s damaging all of us, men and women? Have we forgotten what real is?


We invite you to join us as we explore, remember and celebrate, everything that makes us.

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