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How To Be Well In A World That Is Sick?

After receiving another grant from the Arts Council Of Wales via their Create funding, we toured my one woman solo show around Wales this Summer 2023.

And what a journey it was! I am still processing the enormity of the experience, which was truly a life changing one for me. Standing on a stage naked to speak about your experiences of sexual/domestic violence was never going to be an easy challenge!

So grateful to the Arts Council Of Wales, the venues we visited, the wonderful audiences who came and showed such extraordinary support for me and for this work, and for my partner organisation who have had my back, New Pathways - a rape crisis and abuse support chairty. Time for a well earned rest and space to consider what is next for this project...

​Creative Team:

Bethan Dear, Ceriann Williams, Nerida Bradley

Sara Carter, Gwilym Morrus-Baird, Heledd Wyn Hardy, Romany Dear, Eleanor Higgins, Emma Mace, Danny Muir, Jan Hamilton, Emma Goldsmith, Jess Mess Herman and with wonderful support from Eleni Kyriacou and Amy Clamp and New Pathways.

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