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Our Mission

To use the power of sharing stories live, as a way to help us all, to connect, come together, create, heal and generate waves of change and understanding.

To use our live theatre, workshops and projects, as a way to physically explore, speak to, interrogate, re-frame, confront and share, the many obstacles, challenges, joys, successes, failures, flaws and or triumphs, of being humans in our current culture.


To use the mediums of theatre, dance, film, play, spoken word, poetry and live performance art, to help enable us all, to make better sense of, survive in, and hopefully thrive within, this somewhat  world, we find ourselves, trying to live in...


Our Vision

The potential of stories is vast and infinite. They have the power to create, or to destroy. The stories we tell ourselves about ourselves, the stories the world tells us, about ourselves, or one another, stories we believe in.


The stories our culture and society tell us, about oursleves and about others, run deep. They have the power to feed and fuel the status quo, or if re-written can challenge, change and dissolve it.

Jackdaw passionatley believes, that we all, have the power, both individually and collectively, to choose, which stories, we want to tell, re-tell, re-write, and pass on, to this next generation. Here at Jackdaw, we want to be part of creating new ways, new waves, new narratives and new stories...

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