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Our Mission

To use the power of physical theatre, dance, clown, music and performance art; to connect and share our expereinces of what it's like and how it feels, to be a human in the world.

To use theatre as a platform to generate, facilitate and call for social justice and change. So that we can challenge, re-imagine, re-write, re-build and re-shape our current culture.

To use our workshops and performance projects to reach, support and engage with marginalised, under resourced or vulnerable local communities. To lift thier powerful voices.


Our Vision

Stories have an infinite capacity;

They have the power to create or to destroy.

The stories we tell ourselves, about oursleves.

The stories the world tells us, about ourselves.

The stories we are told about others.

Stories we beleive and are shaped by.

At Jackdaw Theatre we are passionate;

About creating new stories for the world.

New stories for the next generation.

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