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Jackdaw Theatre was formed in 2011 by Amy Clamp, Holly Seager, Ben Karakashian and myself, Bethan Dear. At the time we all lived and worked creating theatre in London. We have since all taken our own individual, successful paths in the arts industries in and around the UK and beyond. Having moved back to Wales, where I bagan my life, Jackdaw is currently based in and around West Wales.

Jackdaw is an ever evolving collective of theatre makers, artists, performers and technicians. We work with children, members of the local communities, vulnerable young people and adults as well as professional artists. We seek to employ new artists for each project that we run, create, produce, or co-produce. We are interested in forming new relationships with artists and venues, as well as also nurturing and developing our existing, long standing, creative partnerships and collaborations.



Jackdaw theatre is run by artistic director, Bethan Dear. I am

the only permanent fixture at present, so the company is in a continuous process of flow, flux and growth. Jackdaw grows and changes, as I change and grow as an artist and also as a human. I am a writer, director, performer, clown, a workshop facilitator and theatre maker. I am a feminist and I feel very proud to identify as a cis woman. I believe passionately and deeply, in equality, for all. I believe in celebrating difference.

Jackdaw is the birth child of my mission, passion and desire, to use stories and live human connection, as a very real and tangible way, of helping us all to heal, share, come together and make sense of this world that we find ourselves living in.


The power of stories is vast and infinite. Stories do have the power to create or to destroy. The stories we tell ourselves about ourselves, the stories we are told about ourselves, the stories the world tells us about one another. The stories our culture or society tell us, go deep and have a truly magical power. These stories are the difference between connection or disconnection, between feeling and living well with one another and ourselves, or living with injustice, oppression and war. Stories have the power to create and maintain poverty and violence, or they have the power to change and remove them. We have the power to choose and to decide what stories we want to tell, re-tell, re-write, and pass on..

If we consider the next generation, what is the legacy of the stories we will leave them? What is the impact we want to have with them? What do we want to foster, encourage and seed, for the future. Now is our time to choose...My name is Bethan Dear. I am a storyteller and I believe deeply that we can change this world, for the better, one story at a time........