My name is Bethan Dear.


I am a writer, director, performer and theatre maker. I am the artistic director of Jackdaw Theatre. I am a feminist and I am proud to identify as a woman. I believe deeply in equality for all.

Jackdaw was formed in 2011 by Amy Clamp, Holly Seager, Ben Karakashian and me. At the time we all lived and worked in London. We have since taken our own individual and successful paths in the arts industries around the UK and beyond. 

Ever since I was a child I have been enthralled by stories. I love stories. A lot. I love writing them, reading then, and listening to them. I am deeply affected by stories. I believe, all people are. 


I am now living and making theatre back in Wales, where I began my life. Jackdaw is now an open collective that works with the local community and professional artists. We employ new artists for each project that we run, create, produce or co-produce. 

Stories have the power to create or to destroy. The stories we tell ourselves about ourselves, the stories we are told about ourselves, the stories the world tells us, about one another. The stories our culture or society tell us, have a truly magical power.


They are the difference between people feeling and living well, in peaceful harmony, with themselves, one another and the Earth. Or a world riddled with social inequality, injustice, poverty, oppression, violence, and war.


In order to serve us well, all our collective and individual stories need to be regularly questioned, updated, re-written and re-told. I am passionate about stories that remind us of our humanity. 

My name is Bethan Dear. I am a human, and I am storyteller. 


© 2020 Created by Bethan Dear