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Hindle Wakes


Written by Stanley Houghton 

Directed by Bethan Dear

The Finborough Theatre, London, 2012

Performed by;

Anna Carteret, Harriet Creelman, Richard Durden, Peter Ellis, Sidney Livingstone 

Graham O'Mara, Susan Penhaligon

Ellie Turner and Sarah Winter


The centenary production of the 1912 feminist classic and the first London production in more than 30 years. One of the first plays to have a working class female protagonist, Hindle Wakes was hugely controversial at the time of its writing.


Publicly burned in the streets when it was first published and staged in, the play draws attention to the double standards upheld by society that allow a man to be sexualy promiscouous whilst condemning a woman for having the same desires, and god forbid she have the nerve to act on or follow them! 

★★★★★ Five Stars, WhatsOnStage
★★★★★ Five Stars, Everything Theatre
★★★★ Four Stars, The Guardian
★★★★ Four Stars, One Stop Arts
★★★★ Four Stars, The Good Review

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