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Our New Show Image! And Some Recent Highlights In Our Rehearsal Process...

Woop woop! We really love our new show image and poster design by the awesome Jan Hamilton @dogbutton, photo by the wonderful Emma Goldsmith @nochurchinthewild

A few pics of me playing with some new clowning content for the tour that is very soon!

And here's a sneak peak of me playing with a new scene titled 'Insomnia' can guess what that one's gonna be about right! Lol. And in all seriousness, insomnia can be a really debilitating and long term ongoing mental health struggle for many people who have suffered from sexual and or domestic violence. This scene will be an exploration of my battle with this over the last few years and the spaces and places it can lead us in too....

Meet the brilliant Nerida! Here's us saying hello, and musing on the possibility of an easy time with the show, where things just don't ever have to get really hard, and can just be lovely...ahhh what an excellent idea! Mental health, pleasure, joy and creativity, first. Yes!

And here's me mapping out a new possible journey for the shows narrative arch...owww....

It's all happening! We have a lot still to do. And I am having a great time. It is not always easy. It is often very hard, challenging, confronting, uncomfortable, and very joyous also.

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