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Online Trolls, Street Angels And Ocean Arts...What A Rich Journey This Truly Is!

What a couple of weeks it has been here in my show creation life! We got our first online Troll experience...I was messaged privately on Facebook with comments about my armpit hair. Not an enjoyable moment and it did lead to some great new show content.

This is me celebrating my natural armpit hair the day of getting the online troll abuse for having it showing in my poster campaign for the show. It was upsetting and angering and it was also good creative fuel for the fire and all the reasons why I am making this work in the first place. Until anyone can choose to do whatever they do or don't want to do with their own body, without getting abused for it, we still have a long way to go with equality...

At the end of last week I flew to Spain to very briefly attend the Wedding of an old and dear friend of mine. Needless to say, it's been quite the roller coaster ride of late. All life!

We have a lovely new home for the next two weeks at Ocean Arts, an amazing space in Cardiff, doing really wonderful and important work. And we've had some of our first days with more of our full team in the room, which is such a joy and an absolute pleasure...yay!

We are in the fun, creatively challenging process, of working on the shows new scenes...I am feeling very grateful to have a team that are pushing me to my limits in a healthy way. This project and making this work is providing me with an opportunity to face many fears on the full spectrum of experience...we discovered the other day; I am not so comfy in a Yoga position on top of lots of boxes stacked together! Who knew...well, now we do!!!

Last but not least, this glorious sunshine has been beaming down on us here in Cardiff and making for some much needed top up's of warmth and energy during our rehearsal breaks. Sara.....Look at that sky!!!!! What a gift it is, to be creating with so many amazing people and creatives, in such wonderful spaces, with this Summer sun shinning down. I am feeling truly blessed to be on this wonderful journey again; it keeps on getting better.

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