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Day One Of Our Residency At Theatr Clwyd!

Today was the first day of our two week residency at Theatr Clwyd up in Mould. We had a wonderful first day together in the studio, after an early start and some long travels to get here. For a first day it was super productive (which we made a lovely video off and now can't upload!)... We'll figure out how to do it and get it up online tomorrow. For now it is certainly time for bed! Feeling super grateful and very excited, and inspired, to be back in the studio once more, doing what I love, with an awesome human, in a great and very welcoming space, and getting paid to be here. Can't ask for more than that!

We went over the whole structure of the show today and started to make notes on what we want to cut and what we will re-write or re-shape, what can stay as it is and what needs re-visiting and playing with. It was a very rich and promising day and has reminded me of all the work I've done so far on this project, and all of the work yet to be done. So thrilled to have the space and time to play with it all over these next two weeks. Such a wonderful and very much appreciated privilege. Time to just be in the studio and be totally free and creative. It is so lush. Really looking forward to what will emerge, in these coming two weeks...

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