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How To Be Well In A World That Is Sick?

Written, Created and performed by Bethan Dear

Shared as a work in progress at the Machynlleth Comedy Festival, 2019. A show about mental health.

This project is currently being further developed with support from the Arts Council Of Wales and The National Lottery. A finished version of this project is due to be created by Spring 2022, with the hope of touring the UK live, the following Summer/Autumn. 

Society. A patriarchal, image obsessed, capitalist, consumer machine. A global sickness. A worldwide epidemic. Where do we run? Where can we hide?

How do we get away when the over culture conditioning, has seeped into our very skin?


What then? Mental illness? Breakdown? Emotional instability? Burnout? Madness? Social exclusion?

How do we define what is cosnidered well or unwell? And who is given the voice to decide which is which?

Join me for a journey from start to finish. From the end, back to the beginning, and back again.


Many. Times. Over.

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