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Cardiff Garage Life, Chapter Arts and Ceriann...

This past week has been a week of many new firsts for me. The first time I met my lovely and wonderful new producer Ceriann, my first time getting to do some proper work with my new show director Nerida Bradley, my first time working at Chapter Arts, and my first time staying in my new favourite type of small home; a garden garage conversion! It is a genuinely lush little space, beautifully decorated and hosted by some really kind people.

It is has also been the first time we are exploring some totally new content for the show. I am setting you all the challenge of guessing what this new scene is about from this pic!!!

And what are we going to do with this beautiful places row of'll find out soon!

I appreciate details and colours very much and my lovely new Cardiff home does both...

Art is life and life is art. Home spaces as a testament to the beautiful craft of creating art...

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