How To Be Well In A World That Is Sick?

The journey continues...

A solo show about my personal struggles with my own mental health, how that relates to my lived experiences, and how my lived experiences are part of the wider context of my culture, and its social norms, specifically in relation to gender based violence, and gender based experiences of life.


Written, created & performed by Bethan Dear

Creative Team:-

Kama Roberts

Heledd Wyn Hardy

Ashley Leung

Jess Mess Herman

Gwilym Morrus-Baird

Joe Williamson

After receiving the Covid stabilisation fund from the Welsh Arts Council I was able to continue working on and developing my solo show in partnership with the wonderful, Welsh, New Pathways Organisation.


We made a short documentary that shares some of my creative process and shows how the work is developing. We also did two small live sharings with very small Covid audiences to give me a chance to feel how the show is developing in relation to a real life, in person, audience. Very exciting indeed!


I have just applied for more money with the hope of finishing the show, ready to hopefully take it on a Welsh and UK tour next year.


Fingers and toes crossed!