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How To Be Well In A World That Is Sick?


After receiving funding from the Welsh Arts Council via their Create fund, I am currently processing the latest incarnation of this show, that I performed at Aberystwyth Arts Centre this April. What a journey!

The show is a constantly evolving piece of work due to its nature, content and subject matter. My plan was for it to be 'finished' by the time we arrived at the end of our short run in Aberystwyth. And what I am remembering about creativity, is that things are rarely about the plan, and more often about what is needed. As far as I can tell at present, the show is almost finished, and not quite yet. I will know when it is. When we know we know. It's not quite there yet.

We are currently preparing to put together a UK tour of this show for the Spring/Summer of 2023... Watch this space for more development updates.

Cretaive Team;

Bethan Dear

Sara Carter

Kama Roberts

Gwilym Morrus-Baird

Heledd Wyn Hardy

Lewis Davies

Jess Mess Herman

Caitlin Shepherd

Liam Walsh

Harriet Wallace

Kate Fennhals

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